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If you’ve come here because of a random one-word comment in response to a comment you made in response to either this post or this post then I can happily set your mind at rest that it was not random.

It was part of a larger comment made in response to the two aforementioned posts and if you have a few minutes you can track it down and read it. Alternatively, you can comment below and request that I publish the comment as a post – except for you, you, you and you; you fuckers have to work it out for yourselves.

I thank you.


‘Work in Progress’ is a perfectly legitimate term to describe a piece of work that is in progress and not merely a lame justification for a glorified mess.

I had an idea to construct a garden with people’s ideas; an interactive garden that would be added to and modified, but whilst I have complete faith in my abilities to make such a thing happen, I have no faith whatsoever in the software at my disposal to make such a thing happen. So I’ve changed my mind and decided to do something else; still garden based obviously…………obviously.

I’m not going to tell you what that is yet but rest assured it’ll take a lot of time and will be well worth the wait.

Kind germinations

The Seed

P.S. Thank you for your patience thus far; you shall be filthily rewarded.

P.P.S. There are parts of this blog that refer to the old idea (the comment section below, for instance) – ‘Work in progress’ and ‘glorified mess’ are not mutually exclusive.

P.P.P.S. Below is a video that gives a detailed and thorough explanation for what goes on here; I believe it encapsulates perfectly the idea I’m trying to push, and the atmosphere I’m trying to generate….all becomes clear:

88 thoughts on “About The Seed Said So

  1. Just so you know, I will not be queuing up for beets or radishes. I am fond of bunnies so if you have some in your garden, feel free to send them my way. I will pat them and give them a nice hutch.

          • Would have to do quite a bit of walking (or roller skating, over hills and mountains, and of course down the sides, with a lot of sheep following) to get to Cheshire from here.

            I also followed one of your youtube comments to a le clown video that completely cracked me up. He can’t exactly… ahh… sing, can he? *grins*

            • It wouldn’t be funny if he could! He should do more of those…I’ll suggest it to him when he’s in a lull…

              I’m laughing at your conversations with paints at the moment!

            • That’s true (about it not being funny if he could). Though… he might be. He’s a funny guy. His ego’s wayyyy too huge, but he’s funny!

              Glad my paints are making you laugh. There’s a large pot of white acrylic sitting on the floor at this very moment and whining that I didn’t mention him. His label is facing away from me and I think he may be picking his nose.

              I’m just editing a post, so am a weeny bit distracted. Will get back to you later. Cheers!

  2. So I come to visit after not seeing a post from you in a while, and what’s this? You’re under construction? Pfffft. Disappointing.

    That being said, my own garden is coming along nicely. I’ve managed to get two lemon pips to sprout and I have an avocado pit taking root now. It’s all very exciting.

    • I have a feeling that I will be permanently under construction, but it’s lovely to see you here; I’ve missed you; and I’m happy to hear of your lemons and avocado.
      I fear the whole premise of this blog has changed but there are still some posts for you to look at…

      • Oh, Mr. Seed, I’m sad to think that you won’t have any new posts any time soon. However, I will peruse your archives. And please do feel free to visit the Weebles whenever you like.

        • I have been of the ill persuasion of late but I think you’ll like the next one I do; it’ll have a church and a tree in it…amongst other things…
          And I will of course visit Weebleville, and may even comment should the feeling grab me.

    • Thank you very much; the whole premise of the blog has changed somewhat, but my eight and seven eighths year plan does culminate in a complete lack of redundancy…subject to change…of course.

  3. The Seed,
    Very clever, my spammy friend. Thank Le Clown I am omnipotent, and decide when it’s enough, and when to delete one word comments added to other bloggers kind and elaborate replies. IP reinstated. But you are clever, fucker.
    Le Clown

  4. My God. I have never heard of such a thing. But the Clown is here, and Weebles, and the pouringmyartout fella, so I feel somewhat at home. Let us see what transpires. Make sure you bring it. This is a requirement.

  5. I suspect that this whole web of blogs is a cunning ruse to get closer to the Saloon at the Edge of Everywhere… and somehow it is becoming more appealing as time goes on! I have to know, does Han Solo feature in the book? I do love that Millenium Falcon… Maybe when it is adapted for film…. hehehe…

    • No there’s no Han Solo in it…you’re thinking of Star Wars. My plan initially was to ingratiate myself with a few blogs that had a lot of followers and then launch a blog as a guest post or something and save myself all the time and effort of having to procure them myself! I go off on tangents so I’d only let them all down in the end. It was all just an experiment in the first place, and that hasn’t really changed…so in conclusion; buy the book…

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