The 11th Rorschach Blot

I don’t like starting computer-based art if I don’t think I’m going to be able to finish it in one go, or at least get to a substantial pausing point, and I’ve gotten into the habit of having ideas and running with them a little bit, but before I actually have to do anything that could be construed as constructive I find myself another idea with which I can then repeat the process…….self awareness does not automatically lead to self improvement.

So here’s my latest time-waster – and please forgive the style; it may seem that I’m writing directly to you in order to get feedback, but if I don’t address this to someone who isn’t me it’ll end up like the Sacha blog, and who wants more of that; this will pretty much be written like this when it’s time to start the blog proper so I’m not completely pissing about, and to have my two followers as two very different people (even three I guess) actually gives me more scope to channel the theme and direction rather than have it slide off into realms unknown. And getting this stuff down means I don’t have to expend energy keeping it in my head – my memory annoys me, sometimes even more than those around me…….you know what I mean…..

Anyway, on the sidebar I aim to have a gif running (is this even possible) showing an inkblot melding from and into a butterfly, labia, a penis, and the head of the devil – these are all subject to change – people click on it, go to The 11th Rorschach Blot, tell me what they see and I give them a free mental evaluation based on their comments…..perhaps garden related in order to keep at least a semblance of a theme going: “Ah, M. Le Clown, I can see that if you had a few Angiospermae round to dinner you would purposefully invite the Magnolia just to start a fight about why the latter was given the Division name! You like to stir this shit up!”……for example….


9 thoughts on “The 11th Rorschach Blot

  1. This is the story of my life…”self awareness does not automatically lead to self improvement.”

    As you know, it is incredibly challenging for me to even LINK, so I’m a bit worried about moving magnolias and labia and how you would evaluate my mental health based on my often trivial comments…

    End of the World Bisous,

    • you still alive? have i missed it?
      you link beautifully; you’re my best student; there’ll be no moving needed though so you should be alright; you’ll just click on the image to go to a place that will explain all you need to know…..and your comments are anything but trivial…

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