Dawn’s Flower Idea

Something involving orchids or dahlias, you said! Well, what immediately sprang to mind was the novel ‘The Black Dahlia’ by Alexandre Dumas – odd was my abiding memory of it – which made me think about a flower that re-enacts the plays and novels of the great Frenchman; flinging itself from a ‘prison’ wall into a pond whenever it got the chance, challenging random fauna to duels, or recounting the pains of its previously conjoined twin….who still lives in Corsica……

However….I then realised that the novel I was thinking of was not ‘The Black Dahlia’ but in fact ‘The Black Tulip’, the former being the nickname given by the press to the gruesomely murdered waitress Elizabeth Short, in Los Angeles back in 1947.

So where to now? A plant following my initial idea but having nothing to do with the species’ you requested? or a black dahlia re-enacting unsolved murders? or something else?


3 thoughts on “Dawn’s Flower Idea

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