I’ve made a few tweaks and changes to the place, deleted a whole page, I had another cool idea as a small aside but I didn’t write it down so have promptly forgotten it; I doubt it’ll come back but hopefully I’ll think up a better one.

Like I say I’m away now for eight days, my family are coming which means a very stressed out wife and egg shells fucking everywhere….I will just wish for a little hidden soundproof room that’ll never manifest itself. But on the bright side, the three boys will be together which is always nice to see. And I’ll try really hard not to offend my mother…and then try really hard not to offend my stepmother….and then we can go back to normal life.

But enough of that dross; I just wanted to say that nothing of merit has really happened to this blog………………….carry on.


7 thoughts on “Housekeeping

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