For Arthur……at last…

Arthur over at has written a book and you should all buy it coz it’s really good and funny – just go over to the right of my home page and click on the book, you won’t regret it – and has lots of aliens in it…such as this little fella:

A Wasp Whip having a beer

When he’s not hijacking intergalactic spacecraft he likes chillin’ with a brewsky.

This is just a plasticine model, in real life he’s real; I’d like to have him dance but I fear I’ve made him too big and his fragility will cost him dearly.

I can’t honestly tell you whether or not these guys drink, you’ll have to ask Arthur because he knows them inside out, and if it doesn’t come up in the book then it doesn’t matter coz he can just make it up coz he like owns it and that.

How do you like it, Arthur? Was it all you dreamed it would be?


19 thoughts on “For Arthur……at last…

  1. That is the motherbleepin’ coolest thing I have ever seen.. even down to nopt having hands, which I don’t think I ever decscribed well enough in the book. They do indeed drink, and they were hooked on some powerful drugs for a while, but that was more part of a plot of this intergalactic hybrid human/alien corporation that was… never mind… that is in book two.

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