An Old Kind of Racism

I discovered this piece of audio that I couldn’t get onto this blog without re-recording it and putting it on to youtube, hence the poor sound quality…unlike all the other stuff I do.

It’s a small part of an interview with the mayor (possibly) of a town in a southern state of America that has had overtly racist and sexist legislation and ordinances for a number of generations, but now they are thinking about changing that to bring themselves in line with the rest of America.

The following audio contains no racist language.



14 thoughts on “An Old Kind of Racism

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    • Well that’s weird, because I heard something different; the idea that legislation and law and what a society’s paperwork says to the world actually means nothing; it’s how the individuals treat each other and what standing they’re given in the community that really matters. A law may say that it’s ok to be prejudiced, but if no-one is, then it has the same weight as a law that states all are equal in a society that incarcerates a disproportionate number of its minorities and treats women as objects…i.e. the weight of bullshit.

          • (Oh. I didn’t think it was misplaced, but I guess that’s just me.) I don’t think laws or legislation alone means much at all; as you said, it’s how people behave, how they treat others, that matters and that shows the world who they are as a people. Unfortunately, the things this guy was saying in the audio, about how the town’s council reflects the population, and look at how forward-thinking we are for having those laws—that’s so painfully common in the south. Thinking that if on paper, they don’t seem racist/sexist/whatever, then they’re good to go. Or, “Well, we don’t lynch black people anymore,” or “We don’t segregate anymore” so they can’t be accused of racism anymore. The sarcasm on my part stems from massive disgust, really.

            • But they don’t have those laws; on paper, in the eyes of the world they are prejudiced, but in the things that they practice they’re not; they built the guy a house and they’re changing their ordinances because the old set wouldn’t allow the Indonesian to officially own it. I think the guy was genuinely saying that the council reflects the population because that’s how it should be…I thought I was convinced!?

            • Ahhh, okay. I’m going to have to listen to it again, maybe I really interpreted it incorrectly. I listened to it assuming he was a racist who was justifying himself with a few superficial things. But maybe he was being earnest. It would be truly nice if he was being earnest.

            • It’s also hard to know someone’s real intent in audio, it helps to see visual cues, etc. I hope he’s sincere, how great would that be?

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