Dear WordPress

Please let Arthur Browne over at come back out to play.

It seems that a little joke he made regarding the nature of spam comments has landed him in hot water.

Please could I refer you to this post which should explain the idea behind his spamming, and please also read some of the comments of the people who were spammed and found it to be funny and took it in the way in which it was intended…in a funny like joke kinda way.

Thank you

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47 thoughts on “FREE THE WORDPRESS ONE!!!

  1. I posted a photo that wasn’t mine, of ladybugs, and WP sent me “The Cold Chill” bill or something like that. It was terrifying. I felt like the FBI and the CIA were all coming after me.

    Then again one shouldn’t borrow what isn’t their own I suppose. 😦

    Bisous Sacha,

    • I’m so sorry for not replying to this earlier…I’ve been saving the world (no excuse)…I remember you saying about ladybug-gate; people can get quite militant with regards to intellectual property, it’s an odd area.

      NSA Bisous

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