This isn’t technically for Arthur…

…it’s for someone else, but it’s the next progression from this and this, and before it takes its rightful place somewhere quite near here I thought I’d treat you all…and it’s kind of an apology for nearly breaking Arthur’s blog with a silly comment stunt I was doing.

The notes move too fast but I’m still experimenting:-


jesus playing the guitar has moved to hell

‘Music is so much a part of him that the notes come right up out of his groin.’
– St. Paul’s letter to the Busking Licence Authority 15:4-15:5



32 thoughts on “This isn’t technically for Arthur…

  1. Oh silly human… haven’t you yet realized that every single thing you humans do is ‘technically’ for me? But this one I appreciated more than most. And my music does come from my groin. In fact, when I was a younger man, that was my favorite instrument to play…

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