The Gift of Sound & Vision

I can’t believe it! My dear passing acquaintance Trenton’s lifelong dream has finally been fulfilled; he’s guest blogged on Pouring My Art Out…I’ve gone all wibbly…go check them out.

Pouring My Art Out

***(We interrupt our regularly scheduled weirdness for this important post by… some other guy…  Please join me after this special presentation to discuss where you should direct any questions, swear words, lawsuits or one-finger salutes… Pouringmyartout.)***

Greetings and salutations.

Please excuse my exuberance, but I’m only f%*£ing guest blogging on Pouring My Art Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To most mere mortals this would be the epitome of their blogging career; a chance to sit back and spread across their face the smugness that comes from knowing you’ve made it. For me however, it’s far more important than that.

My name is Trenton Babbage and some of you may remember me from the 27th May, 2012………no? allow me to elucidate; this comment from some bloke called Sacha Inchi linked to the wonder that is Pouring My Art Out Audio Blog – the OFFICIAL SITE for the purchase of the WORLD’S GREATEST BLOG™ – Pouring My Art…

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